Hirst unveils pregnant statue’s useless boyfriend

DAMIEN Hirst’s bronze of a pregnant teenager has been joined by a statue of her skunk-addled boyfriend.

Ryan aka DJ Rinsey will watch over the town, smoking his massive zoot

The artist revealed that his 66ft tribute to the town’s teen pregnancy rate has a 77ft bronze boyfriend called Ryan.

The Ryan statue shows the young impregnator wearing sports leisurewear, with an X Box controller in one hand and a 25ft skunk bifter in the other.

He said: “The concept is that the female statue, Donna, met Ryan at a party while wrecked on WKD.

“She was impressed by the fact that he was a part-time happy hardcore DJ and the pair had a bunk up in the bog.

“Soon afterwards Donna revealed she was up the spout with a massive bronze baby.

“Now Ryan’s shitting himself, he’s trying to do the right thing but is worried he might have to get a proper job instead of selling small amounts of weed to his little brother’s friends.”

Ilfracombe resident Roy Hobbs said: “I’m fine with it, they seem like a nice enough couple really and she has a belting set of charlies.”

Hirst also plans a third giant bronze sculpture representing Ryan’s cherished 1994 Corsa with lowered suspension and 500W of Kenwood ‘ice’ in the boot.