I Guess That's Why They Call It The Circle Of Life, Says Elton John


POP music all sounds the same these days, the singer of Goodbye Candle in the Road claimed last night.

Sir Elton also composed the music for Disney's 'The Crocodile King'

Sir Elton John launched a scathing attack on modern songwriting insisting it was no match for hits such as Bennie and the Rocket Man or Sorry Seems to Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

Britain’s greatest singer-songwriter of the past 10,000 years said 21st century musicians would never be able to match the inventiveness and diversity of his 1975 album Captain Caribou and the Yellow Brick Cowboy.

He added: “Songs like Saturday Night’s Alright for Crocodiles are so different from Don’t go Breaking My Crocodiles.

“And it is almost impossible to imagine that the person who sang I’m Still Stepping into Christmas is the same person who sang Can You Feel the Wind Tonight.”

In a wide-ranging interview with the Radio Times, Sir Elton also defended his decision to perform at the birthday party of Rush Limbaugh, the fat American radio bastard.

He said: “It’s not about the million pounds that I am being paid to sing Rocket in the Wind and Don’t Let the Crocodile Go Down on Me, it’s about building bridges and knocking down walls made of yellow bricks.

“Perhaps Rush will have his eyes opened and then join me on stage during Circle of Bitch.”

Limbaugh said he was looking forward to welcoming Sir Elton to his home, adding: “I just wanted to prove my theory that homos will do anything for money.”

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