Jazzy Jeff’s ‘Summertime’ sounding like a piss take

THE classic hip hop track Summertime, which celebrates seasonal sunshine and happiness, is sounding like a cruel joke to UK radio listeners.


DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s uplifting 1991 hit made its annual return to daytime radio playlists as torrential wind and rain assailed the British Isles, leaving many convinced that the commercial rap duo are mocking them.

Housewife Helen Archer said: “I was listening to Will Smith say, ‘Seems like the summer’s a natural aphrodisiac’ when gale force winds sent my neighbour’s tree crashing through the living room window.

“If Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were here now I would slap them about their stupid faces until their noses bled.”

Meteorologist Emma Bradford said: “The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith describes an archetypal summer where ‘The weather is hot and the girls are dressing less’. Clearly he has never been to Trowbridge, where it’s chucking it down and everyone’s bent double against the punishing wind.

“American rap stars need to be more sensitive of varying global weather conditions.

“Probably Jazzy Jeffy should do a new version called ‘Disappointing British Summertime’ where he and the Fresh Prince are unable to ‘chill’ and play basketball because of the driving rain.

“Instead they go to the nearest shopping centre where everything’s boarded up except for Cash Converters, then start punching each other through sheer boredom.”