Look at these fat freaks, says television

THIS year’s television schedules will focus on staring blankly at the immensely fat, it has been confirmed.

One of the stars of Discovery Channel's 'Britain's Toughest Chairs'

Broadcasters have unveiled their new series for 2011, all of which feature enormous people being filmed from every conceivable angle.

BBC3’s new four-parter Tubby Trek follows the life-affirming journey of Britain’s fattest man, Stephen Malley, as he is winched and towed across the Andes in search of the world’s most calorific food – a quasi-mystical paste called Gondok made from reduced yak butter, whale thigh and cloves.

A spokesman said: “This is one man’s transformation from hungry to not hungry. The scenery is as breathtaking as his big, crazy arse.”

Channel 4’s Fat Shock season will return with Cheese In Their Folds, a documentary which graphically fails to disprove the myth that very obese people have a dairy-like sediment in their back cleavage. E4 will screen Famous Cheese In Their Folds.

Meanwhile Channel 5 will follow-up hit show You Wouldn’t Believe How Fucking Fat This One Is with No Wait, This One’s Even Fatter, Look What Happens When We Poke It.

TV pundit, Nikki Hollis, said: “Massive people make perfect television because they are simultaneously endearing and revolting. They’re like pandas that it’s ok to hate.

“Also, when they fall over, they really struggle to get back up.

“It can actually be very moving.”