Neighbourhood Watch uses spy plane to find out who watches foreign films


A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch group is using an unmanned drone to spy on local residents’ viewing habits.

Bicycle Thieves could encourage bicycle theft

Bicycle Thieves could encourage bicycle theft

The group, in Stevenage, implemented the policy amid fears that several people in the area were watching foreign films.

Panic erupted when an anonymous caller requested DVDs of Amelie and Un Chien Andalou from the local lending library, and, on learning they were not in stock, refused to accept WWF’s Greatest Hits as an alternative.

Since then, the library has reported a steady increase in demand for ‘foreign, dirty sounding things’.

Neighbourhood Watch chairman Roy Hobbs said: “Our spy planes patrol every night, using thermal cameras to detect the excess heat generated by filmed displays of non-British emotion.

“As soon as we detect temperatures that seem excessively sweaty, we burst in with flaming golf clubs and do what we have to do.”

Foreign film watcher Tom Logan said: “I fully support the Neighbourhood Watch in this endeavour. I have chosen to live in Stevenage and it’s up to me to behave like a Stevenage person.”

He added: “On very special family occasions, we might come together and watch The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, but for rest of the time it’s Top Gear and Downton.

“Multiculturalism simply doesn’t work.”

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