Pop ‘lesbians’ to face bull dyke challenge

FEMALE recording artists who claim to have raunchy lesbian tendencies must spend a night locked in with a minotaur-like ‘diesel dyke’, it has been announced.

Maxie kissed a girl and she liked it

With 94% of lady singers now professing some degree of career-boosting attraction to their own gender, the newly-formed Campaign for Real Lesbianism in Music has coerced the ‘big four’ record labels into introducing its so-called ‘Dungeon Test’.

A CRLM spokeswoman said: “This may be a painful process for those involved – featuring as it does a stern, Popeyed-armed she-trucker called Maxie with pierced eyeballs, rockabilly quiff that smells like a seagulls’ nest and a latex schlong bigger than a small pig – but it’s a necessary evil.

“Touching tongues with Britney Spears or commenting on Rhianna’s arse does not make you a lesbian or bisexual or whatever slavering Nuts readers want to hear any more than enjoying the odd can of Kaliber makes you George Best.

“Hence any female celebrity planning to profess a taste for vagina must first spend 12 hours with Maxie in the dimly-lit ‘rumpus dungeon’.”

She added: “This isn’t just about perpetuating the old stereotype of gay women as brutal hairy-arsed cellar dwellers – although that is pretty much how Maxie rolls. Rather she will, in the manner of a greasy sphinx, ask dungeon candidates to name three KD Lang albums and efficiently disassemble a motorbike.

“If they fail this basic test, then it’s party time. Until two hours after the lube runs out.”

Teenage boy Stephen Malley said: “I dislike the phenomenon of famous girls being all a bit lesbian because it makes my own fantasies of girls kissing in the shower seem pedestrian and corporate. I no longer feel sordid and I’m not into that.

“Interestingly, I wonder if girls are turned on by the idea of Wyclef getting it on with Michael Buble.”

Nikki Hollis, a girl, said: “We are not.”