Pop music now aimed at middle-aged male perverts

40-PLUS male perverts are the target demographic for modern pop music, it has emerged.

Film some wet girls, then add drums

Film some wet girls, then add drums

As Justin Timberlake unveiled the latest pop video with breasts in, music executives admitted the industry was now all about pleasing dirty old men.

Label executive Stephen Malley said: “You may have been wondering why pop videos are so sleazy and there are so many songs with teen girls singing about their ‘sweet apple’ or some other thinly veiled sex euphemism.

“Basically we’ve given up on trying to sell music to kids. It was a stupid idea in the first place, I mean you don’t get much disposable income from a paper round, do you?

“These days it’s all about the perv and the lechers. They’re mostly single, and likely to remain so indefinitely, so they’ve plenty of money to spend on sexy product featuring teenage girls’ bottoms.”

Sleazy 43-year-old Tom Logan said: “I remember when pop videos were people dancing with cartoon animals and girl bands wore dungarees and sang about wanting to hold boys’ hands.

“Speaking as a lonely and quite strange man, I’m glad it’s not for kids any more.

“My current fave band is Sluttz, you should check them out, unless you’ve got teenage daughters in which case you might find it all a bit weird.”