Prometheus lauded by stoner critics

RIDLEY Scott’s sci-fi epic Prometheus is the greatest film ever made, leading pothead reviewers have claimed.

This is the bit where that thing happens

Following special stoner preview screenings, the people-in-space-suits-running-away-from-3D-things film has rocketed straight to the number one slot in respected dopehead critics’ best-of lists, ahead even of ‘anything by Pixar’ and ‘anything with Ironman in it’.

Stephen Malley, who writes rambling pothead films reviews for The Guardian and Sight & Sound, said: “There’s a massive circle thing that was in the first one, that’s like God or something, only it’s full of aliens.

“Only they’re us, probably. Makes you think, right?

“I really like it when films make you think, because then your brain and your eyes are working at the same time.

“There a lot of bits where you’re literally like shit…fuck.

“About half way through there’s a wide shot of an alien landscape and this man in the cinema said ‘awesome’ out loud, it was funny. Then I realised it was me. Hahahaha.

“Other great things in this movie include the big space doughnut, the massive head and…the big space doughnut.

“Also, the big space doughnut.”

Tom Logan, author of Cinema’s Weed Auteurs: Through a Bong Darkly said: “I can honestly say I have not enjoyed a film as much since the 19th time I saw Wonders of the Grand Canyon 3D at the Science Museum.”