So what really happened at the climax of Parade’s End?

BRITAIN is buzzing with theories about how Sherlock Holmes appeared to be dancing at the climax of Parade’s End.

Writer Tom Stoppard hinted it involved a screwdriver, a teacup and a plain white handkerchief

The gripping storyline ended with Holmes seemingly surviving the First World War trenches only for him to reappear moments later with a woman in front of a fireplace.

Tom Logan, an avid man from Finsbury Park, said: “Sherlock had gone undercover as a jerry and carefully inserted a blank bullet into a machine gun.

“He then burrowed his way back under no-man’s land and counted the number of shots before he got out of the trench.

“Therefore he was able to pretend to be killed and get on a train to London while Watson was distracted by a witty remark made by a feisty suffragette.”

Helen Archer, from Peterborough, added: “He would have been hiding behind a tree, but it had already been chopped down by that bitch Sylvia.

“And he wasn’t really dancing with Valentine. He was dancing with a bin lorry.”