'The Abba Murders' to be pinnacle of Scandinavian pop culture


Various - 1980s

A BLEAK crime drama starring Abba will be the ultimate event in Scandinavian popular culture, it has been claimed.

The Abba Murders is to fill the Scandinavia-shaped gap in television schedules left by the end of Borgen.

Producer Lars Vilfort confirmed that the iconic band is on board: “We were warned that just getting them in the same room would be difficult, but as soon as we mentioned intricately patterned knitwear, they couldn’t sign up fast enough.

“The pilot episode is called Diggin’ the Dancing Queen, in which the corpse of a major royal is discovered by workmen.”

Francesca Johnson, a Scandinavian crime enthusiast, said: “If you listen hard, Abba’s music is rich in sinister ideas and a heightened sense of melancholy.”

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