Winehouse Husband Demands Death Penalty

THE husband of singer Amy Winehouse is demanding to be executed in a last ditch attempt to avoid another moment in his wife’s company.

Blake and Amy pictured before he wanted to die

Blake Fielder-Civil is awaiting trial on a number of charges but has already lodged an appeal asking to die by firing squad.

His lawyer, William McKay QC, said: “My client understands that Britain has turned away from the death penalty, but he simply asks you to look into your hearts, or at least play the first 30 seconds of his wife’s latest album.”

He added: “Seriously, she’s such a total cow.”

Wayne Hayes, a human rights activist, said he had devoted his life to campaigning against the death penalty but was prepared to make an exception for Mr Fielder-Civil.

“Have you heard the women sing? No wonder her hair sticks up like that, I think it’s a cry for help. I’d have flung myself off the roof by now. The boy deserves a street named after him.”

Meanwhile Winehouse could face charges over claims she stole her singing voice from Butterfly McQueen, an 83 year-old black woman from Augusta, Georgia.

Mrs McQueen said: “I done gone lend that white bitch my vocalising chords and she be nothing but using them to cuss and fight and all. But what’s a poor black folks to do? She done broked it.”