Facebook to crack down on fake status updates


Woman on holiday

FACEBOOK has revealed plans to stop users telling lies about themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg has promised to confront the growth in made-up stories about holidays, children and social lives, and to return Facebook to its original purpose of tracking the birthdays of casual acquaintances.

He said: “Our algorithms show that many people claiming to have just finished a 10k run were actually queueing for the morning after pill, while four-fifths of posts using the hashtag ‘blessed’ are composed while cowering under the duvet.”

Boasts about cars, brunches and exercise will be targeted, while all wedding-related posts will be accompanied by divorce rate statistics.

Facebook user Nikki Sheridan said: “I see a lot of fake posts, many of them from me.

“I just don’t know who I am any more.”

Tom Logan, from Ohio, said: “My cousins in New York keep posting the most appalling shit about shopping trips to Macy’s and exhibitions at MoMA.

“If this crackdown had happened last month I might not have voted for Donald Trump just to hurt them.”

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