How Much For Your Woman, Abdullah Asks Philip

SAUDI Arabia's King Abdullah was last night locked in talks with Prince Philip over how much he would be willing to accept for Her Majesty the Queen.

Her Majesty's new home near Riyadh

Following his official welcome yesterday, the King turned to the Duke of Edinbrugh and immediately enquired if the woman was for sale.

Palace insiders say negotiations will take another day to complete but the two men are likley to settle on a figure of around $12 million to be paid over three years.

A Saudi source said: "It's rare such an opportunity comes along. Good legs, strong jaw and those magnificent knees look brand new.

"We will take excellent care of Queen. She will have own stall, perfumed straw and a big bag of finest quality Egyptian oats."

The source added: "She will never be ridden. Instead she will be used to teach the younger wives how to hold their cutlery."

A Palace insider said: "The Prince did think twice, but it's been an expensive year what with paying off the Diana inquest jury and having his new balls fitted."