Lidl Christmas advert shows argument in drink aisle

LIDL has unveiled its Christmas advert about a husband attempting to justify the purchase of thirty cans of bitter.

The bargain supermarket chain has premiered its festive offering, which shows how a couple’s drink-related dispute leads ultimately to a grudging reconciliation.

In the advert ‘Cathy’ is buying food for when her parents visit, while husband ‘Martin’ tries to sneak large amounts of competitively priced beer into the trolley.

Creative director Julian Cooke said: “She has a massive go at him about blowing all their money on booze and he mutters something about how she ‘never used to be such a moody cow’. That’s a great moment which is both sad and funny.

“However the advert ends with reconciliation as they agree to put back the potatoes and carrots so they can have a large bottle of her favourite tipple, Lidl’s own-brand Putinoff vodka.”

Mother-of-two Emma Bradford said: “I liked it, it combined a good story and real emotion with some solid factual information about drink prices.”