Share plunge may have been caused by bad cocaine, admit stockbrokers



STOCKBROKERS have admitted the collapse in share prices was probably caused by some disappointing gak.

Trillions of pounds were wiped off the value of everything after a batch of inferior Colombian toot gave traders dangerous amounts of self-awareness.

Stockbroker Julian Cook said: “The health of the global economy is based on two things; whether or not I got munted last night and how much grade-A charlie I’m snorting in the lavs just to get me through the day.

“Minor details like how much money a company makes are secondary to how big a hole I’m chewing in the side of my cheek.”

Prices continued to fall this morning as traders were forced to use Red Bull and codeine until their ‘guy’ drops something off while dressed as a motorcycle courier.

The slump is the worst since 2007, when a batch cut with too much amphetamine caused traders to sell stocks every 0.15 seconds until everybody lost track of who owned what.

Meanwhile, China will try to save its economy by flooding the market with 400 tonnes of medical-grade coke in a bid to make their shares seem attractive to some of the worst people in the world.

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