Can I Have One That’s House Trained? Asks Madonna

MADONNA yesterday told a Malawian court she was keen to adopt another small African as long as it was house trained and had received all its jabs.

They howl whenever they hear Madonna's version of 'American Pie'

The pop star is looking to add to her collection of Malawians, which she described as strong characters, with deep rooted hunting instincts who took well to training but were in need of strong discipline from the start.

Madonna currently has one Malawian, a three-year old male called David and it is thought she may be looking for another as either a companion or to form a breeding pair.

A spokeswoman for the singer said: "Malawians are generally friendly and can make do with little exercise as long as they have a garden to tear around, ideal really for a hard working single mum.

"But they do love to be with their own kind, so it is advisable not to leave one alone too much, as a bored Malawian is a destructive one."

She added: "In general they are very hardy little things, and they can jump much higher than you would think to look at them.

"But this, coupled with their enjoyment of digging, necessitates a tall secure fence or wall around any outdoor play area."

The spokeswoman said Madonna found Malawians unbearably cute but she was keen to secure one with good bladder control as she had recently purchased a new hall carpet for her main home in London.

Africans have proved a popular breed among celebrities in recent years with actress Angelina Jolie adding one to her collection, which also includes a Cambodian, a Vietnamese, an English springer spaniel and one of those weird-looking bald cat things.