Christian Bale stuck in character as himself

CHRISTIAN Bale has become permanently stuck in character as a gifted yet pretentious actor.

Eats crisps in a really intense way

Eats crisps in a really intense way

Famed for his intense commitment to method acting, Bale lost three quarters of his body weight for The Machinist and killed eight people ahead of American Psycho.

Bale adopted the persona of an intense, brooding, self-important actor wedded to his craft several years ago and remains firmly ensconced in that role.

His wife Sandra Blazic said: “It has reached the point now where you would swear that Christian actually is a pretentious actor. A really pretentious actor.

“He’s constantly referring to himself as a canvas or asking about his motivation using the third person when all I’ve asked him is if he’ll pass the Pringles.

“I know that Christian really wants to do this role justice and I really sympathise with that, but it’d also be nice if he could be less of a bell end.”

Bale recently declined a major role as a successful actor who is able to laugh at himself.

He has since had his feet amputated and replaced by hooves to portray Mr Tumnus in a screen version of The Chronicles of Narnia.