Diana Was Spiderman, Claims Al Fayed

PRINCESS Diana led a secret life as a super-hero who was able to scale buildings and shoot a web-like material from her wrist, Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed claimed today.

'We look up and there she is - on ceiling!'

Giving evidence to the inquest into Diana’s life, Mr Al Fayed said he was the only one who knew about the Princess’s crime-fighting alter ego.

He told the court in central London: “She phone me up and say, ‘Uncle Mo-Mo I am the Spideryman, I solve many crime’.

“She say I must tell no-one. She say she use spidery sense to uncover plot by dirty Greek Philip bastard to blow up Alton Towers.”

He added: “I tell her for many year I am suspecting she the Spideryman. She very agile girl with good legs who know right from wrong. It all add up.

“I tell her my people make her new Spidery-suit with matching accessory. Very nice. Good quality.

“Later she give demonstration at my home. She dress up in suit and fire web at bar stool.

“Then, all of sudden, she disappear. We search every place and no find her. Then we look up and there she is – on ceiling!”

Mr Al Fayed insisted the Princess and his son Dodi planned to marry and have seven children who they would teach to sing and dance.

He added: “It be like Sound of Music, except on yacht.”