Do Chris Martin Next, Says Everyone


THE man who punched Leona Lewis in the side of the head was last night urged to have a pop at Chris Martin when he has a minute.

It will help to raise awareness

The unnamed assailant was arrested moments after the incident in central London as people across Britain urged magistrates to release him on bail so he can continue with his important work.

Tom Logan, director of the campaign group Do Chris Martin! Do Chris Martin! said: "Leona Lewis sounds like a transgender version of Whitney Houston who should really be in front of a mirror with a hairbrush.

"But there is a vast gulf between singing badly and singing badly while telling me to buy very expensive vegetables while you get paid millions of pounds a year for singing badly. And he named his kid after a fruit."

Mr Logan added: "I'm not saying we should do any lasting damage to Chris Martin. Not as such. But in these troubled times, a hefty clip round the ear would surely make us all feel better. I fail to see how it couldn't."

Emma Bradford, from Doncaster, added: "If someone is going round spanking pop stars on the noggin, I have a list.

"Bono, obviously – I'll lend you the cricket bat; Robbie Williams – I've just always wanted to make him cry; and Paul McCartney – you should swipe at him with a leg of lamb.

"And then of course there's Chris de Burgh. Admittedly that's not so much a blow to the head as it is a car battery, a pair of sturdy clamps, a jar of lemon curd and a box full of fire ants.

"But I'm saving that one for myself."

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