Gregg Wallace splits from long-term pudding

MASTERCHEF host Gregg Wallace has left the home he shared with a live-in crumble.

Puddings find him irresistible

Wallace met freshly-baked apple and wild berry concoction Jenny Spencer after the dessert sent him a Twitter message saying she had accidentally spilled a generous amount of cream over herself.

Following a brief online courtship Spencer, who is topped with nutmeg and lives in a deep rectangular dish, moved into Wallace’s beautifully-appointed Home Counties fridge.

A neighbour said: “Gregg’s relationships with puddings rarely last longer than 40 seconds.

“During his last single phase we would see tarts and cakes turning up at all hours.

“The door would open just wide enough for his pudgy hand to seize them and seconds later the empty bowl would come flying out of the bedroom window.

“But this one seemed like a keeper. We would see them out together on the patio but Gregg only ever had a small portion, clearly he wanted it to last.”

A spokesman for Wallace denied claims the presenter had grown close to a chocolate roulade with an orange and Grand Marnier sauce from Comeback Week.