Lisa Marie Presley Expecting Big, Fat Baby

SINGER'S daughter Lisa Marie Presley is pregnant with an incredibly fat baby, she revealed last night. 

Lisa Marie was once married to Michael Jackson

The foetus, four months, has been pictured by the world's media eating lunch in Los Angeles and is already as large as a medium-sized pig.

Presley said she was angered by the press intrusion, but relieved to discover her recent expansion was the result of carrying a big, fat baby.

Writing on her MySpace page she said: "I hate fat people as much as anyone. So it was really hurtful when the British press said I was fat, even though it wasn't me, it was my fat baby."

The singer said she had been forced to reveal her condition, adding: "This should have been an intensely private and personal moment between me, my fat baby and millions of my dad's fans.

"All I really wanted to do was announce it quietly with a $1 million photo-shoot in OK."

Despite the sheer heft of the unborn child, Lisa Marie, 40, said was confident the baby would exit her womb through her vagina in five months time.

"My father weighed eight stone when he was born. But Grandma Presley was back behind the wheel of her truck, that very same day."