Millionaires Give Each Other Awards For Dressing Up


IT is the biggest, most glamorous night of the year. It is the night when millionaires give each other awards for dressing up and pretending to be someone else.

'I want to share this with all those millionaires who have the courage to dress up'

The night belonged to the Coen Brothers, Bert and Arthur, who shared the award for Best Person at Showing Other People How to Dress Up.

They were also named as Best People At Writing Instructions for How to Dress Up, as well as the night's big prize of Best Pretend Thing.

Daniel Day Lewis, who won the award for Best Man at Dressing Up, said: "I feel privileged, humbled and unworthy to be in the company of some of the best men who have ever dressed up and pretended to be someone else."

He added: "This means so much to me because every time I dress up and pretend to be someone else, I try to do it really well."

Other British victories included Best Costumes for Dressing Up In, as well as a special award for Tilda Swinton, Europe's tallest woman.

It was a good night for international millionaires, with the award for Best Woman at Dressing Up going to a French person who won critical acclaim for pretending to be another French person.

Meanwhile a Spaniard won an award for having a psychotic haircut.

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