Naomi Campbell To Wrestle A Bear


SUPERMODEL Naomi Campbell has agreed to take part in a televised brawl with a bear.

'I gonna beat you like an Italian maid'

Campbell will receive up to £5 million for the eight-round match against a 10 foot-tall, Alaskan Grizzly named Harold.

Campbell is one of the most accomplished fighters in the world of international supermodelling, but until now has satisfied her appetite for violence by taking on domestic staff and public servants.

Tom Logan, editor of Bear Fighting World, said: "Campbell is in terrific shape, as ever, but this is a big step up from a housekeeper or an airline stewardess.

"Housekeepers tend to be pudgy and slow and are naturally submissive, given that they work for you.

"Stewardesses, hotel staff and the like, are trained to please and so are likely to accept a severe beating for giving you the wrong flavour of Pringles.

"Harold, however, eats about 20 pounds of raw meat a day and weighs 85 stone. He is, essentially, a killing machine who doesn't take any shit from supermodels."

Campbell is training for the Old Trafford bout by assaulting up to 20 hospitality workers and junior police officers a day.

It is the first time a supermodel has agreed to fight a wild animal since Elle McPherson retired from alligator wrestling in 1997.

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