Peaches Geldof To Get Playground Divorce

THE playground marriage of Peaches Geldof is over after just two and a half hours.

Geldof has demanded privacy and Monster Munch

Friends say the five year-old has told her six year-old husband Max Drummey that she has gone off him, possibly because he smells.

Both sides have instructed their seven year-old lawyers to draw up pretend divorce papers that will be exchanged at home time.

Geldof, who divides her schedule between pretending to be a television presenter and pretending to be an air hostess, said she would like to be friends with Max but unfortunately he is made entirely of bogies.

The couple met during the morning break and following a whirlwind romance were married in a quiet corner of the playground.

Their honeymoon was spent sitting next to each other for an hour making a picture of a kangaroo using bits of macaroni and glitter.

But by half past two, friends said the couple were having bitter arguments about whether or not kangaroos were the same as dogs.

One source close to the couple said: "Are kangaroos not the same as dogs? Or are they same as sheep? I need to do a wee."