Richard Dawkins forbids giving his books as Christmas presents


RICHARD Dawkins has threatened punitive action against anyone giving or receiving his books for Christmas.

"Get a footballer book instead"

“Get a footballer book instead”

Dawkins took action after seeing his books displayed at Waterstones next to ‘Unto Us A Child Is Born’ wrapping paper, which he feared would give people ideas.

He said: “Christmas is a gateway holiday, leading to ignorance, pro-life lunacy and moral complacency.

“If you buy my book as a festive gift, especially for a male relative who quite likes telly science but finds Stephen Hawking impenetrable, you’re playing straight into Bin Laden’s spindly dead hands.

“And if I hear about my work being put under any bedecked trees I’m coming around personally to get it off you, plus petrol expenses and a £50 fine for making me look a twat.”

Nine-year-old Nathan Muir had written to Father Christmas asking for a copy of An Appetite For Wonder.

He said: “Richard Dawkins is my favourite scientist after Brian Cox and Doctor Who.

“But Mummy said that he wants me to buy the book with my own money, so now I have to tell Santa not to get it.

“I’m really worried that Santa has already bought it, and that Richard Dawkins is going to shout at him.”

Nathan’s mother Nicola Muir said “We’ve found him this Bill O’Reilly book Killing Jesus which you’re still allowed to give to people for Christmas, so hopefully he won’t be too disappointed. Also, some Lego.”

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