This is all your fault, Will Smith tells son

WILL Smith has branded his son a ‘useless little toad’ after the failure of their science fiction film.

It was all fine before he got involved

It was all fine before he got involved

Box office flop After Earth featured the father-son duo ‘teaming up’ as space travellers marooned on a post-apocalyptic planet.

Smith said: “Watching the movie back, I realise it’s pretty great apart from my teenage son.

“There are big emotional scenes where I’m totally nailing it and it’s like he doesn’t even give a shit, he’s drifting off thinking about girls or snack foods.

“Honestly, you put them in a $160 million sci-fi blockbuster and this is how they repay you. Fuck all this ‘cool dad’ shit.

“We’re not friends any more. I don’t even have a son, he’s dead to me now.”

Smith revealed plans to cast Jaden in The Fresh Meat of West Philadelphia, a riches-to-rags sitcom about a boy sent to live with his pimp uncle and crack whore aunt.

He said: “Jaden’s life gets ‘flipped around, turned upside down’ and not in a good way as he is pursued by junkies and forced to live on bits of stale bread he steals from pigeons.

“Basically he gets exactly what he deserves.”