Winehouse ghost ‘least weird thing’ in Pete Doherty’s flat

PETE Doherty believes he shares his flat with a nine-foot meerkat and a talking sofa as well as the ghost of Amy Winehouse, it emerged last night.

Doherty's flat may actually be outdoors

Crack bard Doherty, 32, first became aware of Winehouse’s ghostly presence in his London flat earlier in the week, when she appeared in a mirror propped up on unsold volumes of his poetry.

However it took Doherty several days to notice the spectral Rehab singer, as she was competing for attention with his many everyday apparitions.

The singer said: “It was a typical quiet Wednesday afternoon, I was trying to paint a picture of Keith Richards using a mixture of my blood, vomit and cigarette ash.

“Amy was standing between a creature with a woodlouse’s body and the head of Adrian Chiles, and Marcel, a giant talking spoon. So it was quite a crowd, but when I eventually spotted her there I was stunned.”

“At first I didn’t believe my eyes, so I asked Mr Baxendale the talking Meerkat, and he definitely saw her too.

“As did Roger, the sofa. All three of us just sat there, staring into space in a terrified way.”

He added: “There was also a dreadful smell, but that turned out to be a prawn korma that I’d left on the radiator three months ago.”

Paranormal investigator Emma Bradford said: “This is absolutely indisputable proof of the existence of ghosts.”