Disco meteorologists predict heavy downpour of men

IT’S going to start raining men for the first time in history, according to 70s disco meteorologists.

A month’s worth of men in a day

As the UK’s unpredictable weather continues, sassy female weathergirls have predicted a deluge of handsome men will hit the nation this evening.

Thousands of blonde and dark-haired males will literally fall out of the sky.

Weathergirls Nikki Hollis said: “Tonight for the first time, just about half-past ten, it’s gonna start raining men.

“That’s it really. Or to put it another way, amen.

“Now all you single girls, your first impulse will be to run out and get yourselves absolutely ‘soaking wet’, metaphorically speaking.

“But before doing so, stop and consider the physics of the situation.

“The average hot guy weighs around 11 stone, and that’s before he’s fallen out of the sky.

“The men will be hitting the ground with tremendous force. So really you need to hide in a cave or something, because they will come straight through your roof.

“In the wake of the storm, there will be bits of bone and body parts everywhere, because of course the men are going to explode on impact.

“Sorry to put a downer on things but that is the reality of the situation.”