'Loyal' penguin's 10,000 mile journey includes brothel detour



MAGELLANIC penguins, supposedly nature’s most loyal animals, have a whorehouse on their migration route.

It had been believed that the birds remain faithful to one life-long partner, despite making long individual journeys between southern Argentina and Brazil.

However research by the Institute for Studies found that Mustang Sally’s Tits-A-Go-Go, a large neon-lit ‘erotic resort’, is on the birds’ migration path.

Proprietor Mustang Sally said: “We get a lot of Magellanic penguins in here, they’re big spenders but they want the real kinky shit.

“We had a penguin in this morning, he was like, ‘I’m a horny bird with a flipper full of cash, bring me girls of varying ethnicities’.

“Sometimes they want to bone, other times they just lounge around eating fish and watching the live girl-on-girl stage show.”

However Magellanic penguin Tom Logan said: “I might have visited Tits-A-Go-Go but only because I was tired and wanted a warm bed after walking 5,000 miles on tiny stumpy legs, which I think is fair enough.

“I always just assumed it was a normal bed and breakfast, never saw any funny stuff going on.

“Anyway, I’ve got a wife and chicks back home and have no interest in any of these girls that supposedly work there, especially Candice with the endless legs and eyes the colour of fresh sprats.”



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