Nasty little monkeys do horrible things


BONOBO monkeys are disgusting, according to new research.

He is certainly not thinking nice thoughts

Zoologists studying the so-called ‘erotic apes’ in the Congo have found their relentless perverted sex antics to be unbelievably repulsive.

Primatologist Doctor Emma Bradford said: “They’re just…eww.

“I’ve seen them spanking each other, doing stuff with fruit, just sticking their bits in any orifice, even a crocodile’s nostril.

“Plus they’ve got all ticks and fleas, bits of hair missing. I hate them.

“They’re gross.”

Since studying Bonobos in the wild, Dr Bradford has become convinced that they should not be protected in any way.

She said: “We should destroy them, and torch their sordid jungle ‘sex clearing’, burn it to the ground as if it never existed. Sorry, but they are a bad species.

“The thought of one of them touching me with its little grey fingers, I can’t even tell you, it’s so rank.”



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