Everything to be labelled with terrifying images of death

ALL products will soon feature graphic imagery illustrating how they might kill you.

Also it could fall on your head

And what if one fell on your head?

Vivid stickers showing stick figures dying horribly will be plastered over goods ranging from apples to socks.

A government spokesman said: “In the past, consumers have simply looked at things and decided whether to buy them based on what they are.

“But what about the hidden dangers? We all know it’s possible to choke on an apple, but also pieces of sliced apple can have razor-sharp edges.

“If you fell over carrying a slice of apple it could puncture your spleen, causing you to die a slow, agonising death while your wife and children watch in horror, as illustrated by this handy sticker.

“Similarly, getting shampoo in your eyes could easily leave you temporarily blinded, causing you to stumble out of the shower, down the stairs, out of the door and into the path of traffic.

“From now on all shampoo will have a label showing a corpse that’s been run over by a bus and exploded like a hedgehog. It’s the only way to get the message across.

“Your government will protect you.”

Receptionist Nikki Hollis said: “Last night I couldn’t enjoy EastEnders because of a sticker on my new sofa showing someone getting anally impaled by a spring.

“However I’m actually finding some of the warnings quite useful because I’m one of those fuckwits who manages to misuse any sort of product.

“For example it’s handy to know you shouldn’t put paint in your tea if you’ve run out of milk.”