Fat people and smokers pay invisible taxes

THE tax and national insurance paid by smokers and the obese is completely invisible, it has been confirmed.

Smokers are riding motorbikes badly just so they can get a chest x-ray

Doctors who have denied treatment to both groups said they had checked with the Inland Revenue and been assured that while there may be a record of the tax being paid the money was nowhere to be seen.

A BMA spokesman said: “Obviously we would not have denied treatment to people who had paid actual taxes. Not only would that be monstrously unfair, it sounds as if it should be against the law.

“No, we only deny treatment to poor people who don’t pay tax, or unsightly or malodorous people who are obviously lying about paying tax.”

He added: “We’re also very excited about denying treatment to lazy, unemployed people until they can be bothered to get themselves a decent job.’

The decision to kill smokers and fat people was backed by millions of voters who claim irresponsible lifestyles will destroy the NHS and that personal health insurance premiums based on how well you look after yourself will destroy the NHS.

Helen Archer, from Peterbourgh, said: “Some people say that smoking is no different from any other deliberate risk that leads to injury. But they’re wrong, because it is.

“It just is.”