New Prostate Cancer Drug Not As Good As ‘The Wire’

A NEW prostate cancer drug which could save thousands of lives is still not as good as The Wire, critics said last night.

This sunset was dismissed as a 'pile of shit' compared to season two of 'Dexter'

Although the drug could potentially treat up to 80% of patients, scientists and television reviewers agreed it lacked the Dickensian scope of the Baltimore crime drama.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: "Cancer cures come and go, but in 20 years time people will still be going on and on – and on – about The Wire.

"This drug may attack cancerous cells but it can't match the sheer genius of that scene where the big, scary guy says something really profound but does it through the medium of chess.

"But the real genius of The Wire is that its genius is so subtle, even though I have no idea what's going on and the only words I can understand are 'bitches' and 'motherfucker'."

He added: "It makes this new cancer drug look like Jonathan Creek."

The Wire is the latest in a string of genius American television dramas which have forced critics to invent a new range of superlatives.

The advertising-based drama Mad Men, last week voted 'better than trees' by the American Tree Institute, was described by one critic as 'magnibulous'.

Even cancer patients who have been treated successfully backed The Wire.

Tom Booker, 54, said: "This drug made no attempt to redefine the parameters of television drama and as far as I am aware there were no ex-policemen or gang members involved in its production.

"That said, my arse is much less painful."