Organs really up for being donated

BRITAIN’S organs are very much in favour of being donated.

Great in theory

Great in theory

The country’s organs spoke out after it emerged that the UK still has some of the lowest donation levels in Europe.

Liver Tom Logan said: “I don’t want to die any more than you do, that’s why I’m in favour of being transplanted.

“There’s a lot of filtration in me yet. In the right body, preferably not anyone Scottish, I could go another 50 years.”

36-year-old lung Emma Bradford said: “Lately I’ve been thinking about my own mortality, and decided I would make a great second-hand organ.

“Ideally I’m looking for a non-smoker.”

Research by the Institute for Studies found that the main reasons for not joining a donor register were general cowardice and fear that body parts could be used by bored doctors in an ‘organ fight’.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “It’s like a food fight. The surgeons are just working away when someone shouts ‘organ fight!’ and suddenly they’re all lobbing spleens and colons at each other.”

He added: “That doesn’t actually happen.”