Carla Bruni Breaks President Of France

FRENCH president Nicolas Sarkozy has finally been broken by his unbelievably hot wife, it has been confirmed.

The poor little chap nearly keeled-over at the Nato summit in April

Mr Sarkozy was admitted to hospital on Saturday after feeling faint at the thought of seeing the first lady in a silk nightie immediately after his daily five mile run.

An Elyseé Palace spokesman said: "The president is a man of vigour, but you can't start thinking about Carla Bruni when you're already out of breath. You may as well put a gun to your head."

Dr Pierre Dufarge, a leading cardiologist, said: "There is simply no way the human body can spend all day wrestling with domestic and international crises and then be expected not to jump all over Carla Bruni like a rabid dog, or indeed, a Frenchman.

"If she had any sense of decency or fair play she would have married a drug-addled, folk-singing hippy who is barely aware that he is even conscious."

Dr Dufarge has called for Mrs Sarkozy to be housed in a separate building behind three inches of bullet-proof glass and shown to the president for no more than 15 minutes a week.

He added: "They may be allowed physical contact during holidays, but only if there is a highly respected cardiologist in bed with them."

Dr Dufarge added: "I think he has done incredibly well to get this far. Personally I wouldn't have lasted five minutes.

"But I'll tell you what, they would have been the best five minutes of my pathetic little life."