India To Build Hospital On The Moon

INDIA is to build a state of the art, multi-million dollar hospital on the moon.

Puna will celebrate the moon mission by working an extra 12 hour shift

A $10 billion rocket containing $1 billion worth of concrete and shovels blasted off this morning in what the government described as a 'great day for Indian healthcare'.

The lunar project will include a 2000-bed hospital and a gigantic warehouse filled with penicillin, as well 500 primary schools and thousands of disease-free public lavatories.

A government spokesman said India now hoped to become the first nation without indoor plumbing to land a man on the moon.

Charlie Reeves, a backpacker, said: "One of the first things you notice about India is all the cholera you get every time you go for a dump.

"The next thing you notice is the millions and millions and millions of children tugging constantly at your shirt and begging you for money so they can eat."

He added: "Who knows? Maybe one day one of these starving untouchables will grow up to become a spaceman."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Save the Children, said: "Well, this is going to help us enormously."