Kerry refuses to speak English


JOHN Kerry has stopped speaking English to avoid accusations of intellectualism by US voters.

Stirring, heartfelt grunts

Stirring, heartfelt grunts

In his first appearance as Secretary Of State, Kerry answered questions in a series of grunts and hoots to appeal to the key sub-lingual demographic of America.  He will be the first non-speaking politician to fill the role since John Quincy Adams’ eight year stint from 1817-1825 was conducted solely by thumbs up or thumbs down.

Kerry said: “Bwooh, ochoch-wooaah Syria. Hgnhook eeek intervention oop”

He was goaded several times in his maiden news conference to answer questions on foreign policy using recognisable sentences but managed to discuss nuclear proliferation in Iran by hitting a map with his forehand and screaming.

While his aides have suggested he will continue to use words in private, public engagements will see him interact with crowds by smelling their heads and then licking them on the shoulder.

Kerry’s proficiency in his own language was used against him by Republicans in the 2004 election campaign, with the nickname ‘Word Homo’ ultimately costing him the presidency.

Posters depicted him beating children around the head with a typewriter and lurking outside a library with an erection and a dictionary.

Kerry confirmed: “Blookeek, ruh. Achachach numminum Netanyahu.”



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