Michelle Obama sick of Samantha Cameron's hip hop references


US First Lady Michelle Obama is avoiding Samantha Cameron because she is tired of discussing rap music.

'Of course, Drake thinks he's representing, but he's not'

Mrs Cameron, accompanying her husband on his official visit to America, is understood to have opened the conversation by asking Mrs Obama who she backed in the Drake-Common beef.

A White House spokesman said: “The First Lady was hoping to discuss literacy programmes and the pressures of parenthood, but was instead dragged into a conversation about whether rappers should sing or not.

“Mrs Obama admitted that she had not been fully briefed on the Drake-Common situation, but said that in any case it would not be appropriate for her to take sides.

“Mrs Cameron then expressed her concern that hip hop had been assimilated into mainstream culture and urged the First Lady to listen to Blackalicious and Blaze Ya Dead Homie.”

A Downing Street spokesman said: “Mrs Cameron was very clear that Common’s diss was justified and that Drake is indeed ‘sweet’. But she urged Mrs Obama to intervene in the quarrel because brothers got to stick to together.

“Mrs Cameron stressed that while motherhood was okay she was sure the First Lady shared her love of putting the kids to bed, cranking up some Ol’ Dirty Bastard and getting toasted.”

Mrs Cameron, who claims to have been a major player in the Bristol trip-hop scene of the early 90s, also suggested the wives should persuade their husbands to ‘pop a cap in the dome’ of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


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