Mitt Romney living in White House cellar

FORMER presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been secretly living in the basement of the White House.

There’s also a friendly mouse

Romney crept in through an open window during Obama’s victory speech and made himself a crude ‘nest’ behind some boxes of old paperbacks.

Over the past few days he has been emerging into the White House at night to steal provisions and wash himself in the kitchen sink.

A White House aide said: “Sasha Obama had been complaining about ‘rats’. Turns out it was Mitt, scurrying around between the walls, looking for the president’s bedroom.

“Security found him coming out of an air vent clutching a rake.”

Romney told police that he had not intended to harm the president or his family.

He said: “My plan was to influence policymaking by whispering in Obama’s ear at night about Israel and lower taxation. He’d just think I was his subconscious mind.

“Actually, during the last week I read my way through a box of old National Geographics. It was the first non-compulsory reading I’ve done.

“Turns out pygmies are pretty amazing.”