North Korea laughs off wrong flag gaffe


NORTH Korea has laughed off the mix-up which saw the South Korean flag accompany their women’s football team’s arrival at Glasgow’s Hampden Stadium.

He loves funny shit

Following the error, the North Korean coach stormed up to the stadium’s manager pretending to be furious. Met with a fumbling apology, he then started cracking up.

The game was subsequently delayed by an hour because everyone was laughing so hard.

An unnamed player said: “We came out onto the pitch, right, and someone says , are we playing South Korea then?! It was only then that I looked up and saw the wrong flag!

“It’s funny because we don’t even really like South Korea.”

North Korea’s economy is believed to be largely comedy-based, although the state is highly secretive because it does not want its jokes stolen by foreigners.

Its fun-loving cherubic dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly doubled up with laughter when told of the Olympic error.

Internationalist Tom Logan said: “Until now, Kim Jong-un’s sense of humour has remained somewhat mysterious. His father was a staunch comedy traditionalist who favoured Bernard Manning and Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown. But Jong-Un is really into that whole Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm thing of finding hilarity in very awkward situations.

“His people have adjusted their comedy sense accordingly.”

Logan added: “If there’s one lesson to be drawn from history, it’s that people really like to laugh about their nation’s flag. The annals of the past are stuffed with flag-based hyuks.”



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