Sarkozy Calls For Sexier Burkas

PRESIDENT Sarkozy has criticised the wearing of burkas by French muslims, insisting they stop people seeing what an incredibly hot wife you have, if you have one, which he does.

'Yeah, I see what you're getting at'

The president said muslim women should be free to wear whatever they want, like the cocktail dress his wife Carla wore for dinner last night. He added: "Slit right up to here it was, and backless so you could see a hint of side-tit. Magic."

The president wants Chanel to design a modern, more flattering burka and robe, perhaps showing a daring glimpse of thigh

Sarkozy stressed that his wife's thighs are 36 inches long, adding: "If you think I haven't measured them then you must be out of your tiny mind."

Meanwhile design house Lacroix hopes to rejuvenate its fortunes with an autumn range of 'Hot Hijabs' later this month.

Amongst the collection will be gold-embossed headwear with slogans including 'Jihad Enough?' and 'Does This Make Me Look Fatwah?' picked out in pearls.

Sarkozy insisted he did not want to offend muslims, stressing: "My concern is for the personal liberty of French citizens, be they a humble housewife or a top-class ride like Carla.

"Seriously, have you seen that photo of her bending over a desk? I get to go home to that every night. Unbe-fucking-lievable."