Models in ‘inner beauty’ adverts still unreasonably fit

THE purportedly average people in an adverts promoting ’natural beauty’ are still incredibly good looking, it has been claimed.

An advert for some pointless face cream that aims to show such products are not just for models only features people who could be models.

Instead of using ridiculously-chiselled men and size six women, it used merely very good-looking men, and women between size six and size eight.

A spokesman said: “We wanted to do something different and show our support for the average person – the type of man or woman you might find appearing on a nudity-based reality show, or being voted ‘sexiest cheerleader’.”

Consumer Tom Booker said: “The models aren’t as fit as usual but they’d still never go near me.

“When are we going to see actually normal looking people on billboards, like Peter Beardsley or my nan who has got a webbed foot.

“Actually I’m not sure if that’s normal but anyway, you get the idea.”