Apple takes on Casio


APPLE is taking on game-and-watch giant Casio, it has been emerged.

Casio's flagship store is a mecca for game-and-watch fans

Casio’s flagship store is a mecca for game-and-watch fans

The corporation’s long-rumoured iGame-and-watch will combine a digital timepiece with a rudimentary game involving rockets.

An Apple spokesman said: “For too long Casio has dominated the lucrative game-and-watch market.

“Well, it’s time for them to move over and let the big dog eat.

“Wait until they see the iGame-and-Watch with its elementary rocket game, which is called Rocket Shoot, and natty black plastic strap.

“Plus it’s got a calculator on it.”

Apple fan Julian Cook said: “Will it have a picture of an apple on it? OK, I’m in.”

However sales manager Julian Cook said: “It’d have to be a pretty great product to make me switch from my existing game-and-watch on which I can play a golf game.

“I think that’s what it’s actually called – Golf Game.

“Besides being fun, it allows me to sharpen up my putting skills.”



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