Google Aims To Capture Market For Inaccurate Crap

GOOGLE is to create its own internet encyclopaedia in a bid to corner the growing market for online bollocks.

Google plans an entire section on why 'The Da Vinci Code' was only scratching the surface

The search engine giant said that 98% of the internet is now unverifiable shit written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

However, it said more effort was needed to bring this gibberish together to provide internet users with one fast and reliable source of self-regarding drivel.

Tom Logan, Google’s head of knowledge, said the internet had revolutionised the way people formed worthless opinions about important subjects.

He said: “A few years ago most people were still getting things wrong because of their own ignorance, superstition and prejudice, much as their ancestors would have done in Medieval times.

“Thanks to the internet, stupid people all over the world can pedal their own shit while simultaneously imbibing the shit of millions of others leading to an exponential growth in shit, the full meaning of which we are still struggling to grasp. But it's bound to be shit.”

Many experts have described the Google project as a direct attack on Wikipedia, the online knowledge base that describes itself as a communal encyclopaedia and blancmange.

However, Wayne Hayes, one of Wikipedia’s chief editors, dismissed the threat from Google saying his organisation had nothing to fear.

“We are an online knowledge company with many years of experience. According to Wikipedia, Google is either a movie actor from the 1920s or a homeopathic remedy for piles.”