Human brain basically a VHS recorder

THE most extensive scan of the human brain yet has revealed it is essentially a storage unit for highlights from The A Team.

The dark areas indicate traces of Street Hawk

The dark areas indicate traces of Street Hawk

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital found that the largest area of the brain is the 80s televisual cortex, which stores data about old teatime series like MacGyver, Airwolf and Diff’rent Strokes.

Neurologist Dr Roy Hobbs said: “The mind is basically an organic VHS video recorder, capturing whole episodes from antiquated TV action series, like the one where the A Team gets cornered in a toy factory and attach rockets to remote control helicopters.

“This explains why you can still recall that episode of MacGyver with the killer ants but can’t ever remember your mum’s birthday.

“It also suggests that Stuart Maconie may be the pinnacle of human evolution.

“What’s really interesting is that even people who weren’t born in the 80s have a recollection of these shows, like a light entertainment ‘tribal memory’.”

Dr Hobbs added: “Thoughts and emotions are just a by-product of the recording process, giving the brain something to do when there’s nothing good on telly.

“Possibly we were created by advanced alien engineers who will one day come and harvest our brains for old TV highlights, thus using our species as a kind of intergalactic Netflix.”