Increase in CO2 dismissed by CO2 deniers

RECORD levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have been dismissed by people who do not believe the gas exists.

Air is 70% nitrogen and 30% clouds

Air is 78% nitrogen and 22% clouds

Experts said that scientists had a ‘shameful history’ of manipulating the International Arctic Gas Detector to mislead governments into pursuing pro-CO2 existence policies.

Nathan Muir, a fourth year blogger at Delingpole University, said: “If carbon dioxide really does exist then why did it rain for two hours on Sunday afternoon?

“Isn’t it more likely that in 1997, when the scientists realised that it hadn’t rained for two hours, they were forced to come up with the theory of ‘CO2’ being this magical ‘thing’ that comes out of other ‘things’.

“I do not ‘breathe out’. And neither do you.”

Muir added: “Also, why did the Arctic Gas Detector show CO2 levels of 400 parts per million. That seems like a very random number.

“For instance, why isn’t it 15 parts per 40? Or seven parts per 32? Why is it always hundreds and millions?

“To scare you, that’s why.”

But Martin Bishop, who has been reading stuff on the internet all morning, said: “I am not a 100% sceptic. I believe that science can, occasionally, be correct.

“For instance, I believe there is ‘C’ and to a lesser extent some ‘O’, but the idea that ‘C’ and ‘O’ have somehow ‘fused together’ is clearly a Marxist ploy.

“If it isn’t then why do I have no idea what ‘C’ and ‘O’ stand for?”