Scottish expedition discovers then deep-fries massive prawn

MARINE biologists from Scotland have discovered, deep-fried and eaten the world’s biggest prawn.

Evolution can be incredibly succulent

The creature was discovered seven kilometres down off the coast of New Zealand by a team from Aberdeen University dedicated to searching the world’s oceans for strange and exotic new life forms to cook in batter.

The crustacean had a pre-fried length of 34cm, but shrank to just under 20cm after 12 minutes in a regulation fryer.

Team leader, Dr Alan Jamieson, said: “We were very keen to see how a creature from such a dark, cold and high pressure environment would react in very hot fat.

“It’s thoracic structure is quite unlike anything we have encountered so far and absolutely delicious.

“We’re now going to experiment with different batter recipes to see how that affects the cell structure’s texture and consistency.

“Taste-wise I’d say it’s very similar to KP Skips.”

He added: “We’ve no idea how many are down there but we’ve eaten 15 of them so far.”

The new discovery is the second largest made by the team after the Marianas Sea Sausage, which at six foot three inches remains the longest thing eaten with brown sauce in a boat.