Society Of The Future May Be Forced To Eat Food

THE people of the future may be forced to eat real food instead of pills, scientists have claimed.

The Bananatron 6000

Experts have changed their predictions after new research showed that seeking essential nutrients from a little plastic bottle full of shiny capsules may not be entirely good for you.

Dr Wayne Hayes, of the Institute for Studies, said: "We always assumed the best way to absorb healthy vitamins and minerals was by guzzling little tablets, manufactured by the billion in Taiwan.

"They were made with succulent, natural ingredients such as polyethylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate  and chlorophyll.

"Then the whole delicious concoction was given a special coating of something called 'shellac'. If you're the nautical type, you'll know this as 'boat varnish'.

"But, sure enough, you do a little bit of research and whaddya know? It kills you."

Dr Hayes said the jet-pack wearing consumers of the future will now be forced to find time in their superfast, digitally-enhanced schedules to eat cumbersome, gas-powered fruits and vegetables.

He added: "We will now have to design food that looks adequately futuristic. Who's up for a chrome-plated tomato or a banana that plays films?"