Titanic II billionaire also commissions remote controlled-iceberg

THE super-rich magnate behind the new Titanic is also making a life-sized replica of the original iceberg, amid fears he may be totally insane.

Oh no, an iceberg

Billionaire Tom Logan recently announced the construction of the vastly expensive Titanic II, claiming the project was a tribute to the original engineers.

But it has emerged that Logan simultaneously commissioned a huge fake iceberg, dubbed Behemoth, which can be controlled via a handset.

Logan’s sister Emma Bradford said: “My brother is a very rich man but also very cruel.

“He is obsessed with the actress Kate Winslet, whom he intends to invite on Titanic II’s inaugural voyage. I believe that he intends to ram the ship with his massive pretend iceberg then rescue her in his gold helicopter as it sinks.

“He believes that she will then fall in love with him and they will live forever in a purpose-built ‘sex dome’ on the moon.”

She added: “I strongly advise against the purchase of a ‘Titanic II’ ticket.”

Engineer Stephen Malley said: “It’s not often I get asked to build a fake iceberg the size of a skyscraper but it is the kind of thing where you make sure you get paid upfront.

“It’s up to him what he does with it.”