Twitter cuts tweet length to one character

AS part of a major revamp, Twitter has reduced its maximum message length from 140 characters to a single consonant.

Connect with meaninglessness

Executives at the social networking site believe users no longer care if their tweets are intelligible, as long as they are barking something into the cyber-void.

A Twitter spokesman said: “Our most influential users are really there just to maintain a profile. Saying something worthwhile, or even that is recognisably written in a specific language, is not a priority.

“Likewise many of our less influential users are barely literate and just want to toady up to famous people.

“Henceforth messages must be a single consonant – we’re excluded vowels so that people don’t try to subvert the system by, for example, constructing the word ‘famous’ from six separate tweets.

“We realised we were able to save a lot of server space with no loss to humanity. It’s also an interesting test of the limits of human narcissism.”

Shortly after the change Kim Kardashian, who has over 16 million followers, tweeted: “p”.

Four minutes later she tweeted: “q”.

Her boyfriend Kanye West re-tweeted the letter “q” and tweeted “t”.

The letter ‘t’ has since been retweeted 612 times.